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stocking sex, stocking tease, black nylonsI know you love stocking sex phone sex. The thought of MILFS in stockings just makes you horny. Mmmm perfectly understandable. So today I have a little stocking tease phone sex for you. I just had a hot stocking tease phone sex call and I want more.

I want you on your knees, between my nylon covered legs, looking at my wet juicy cunt.  You want it? In time, but first the tease.

Lick my shoe.  Make me ache for the delights your tongue will give my pussy. Kiss, lick, slide it off my stockinged toes, then suck them.  Slide your hands up my milky thigh to the top of my stockings.  Slip your fingers under the lace and caress. Watch my pussy spasm a little.

Fingering my pussy just enough to wet my lips with pussy juice, I slide that stocking slowly off and wrap it around you neck, pulling you forward, slipping my tongue in your mouth.  Taste me.

Don’t you love the way the cool nylon feels against your throbbing hard cock? Watching as I slip it over your rock hard dick.  Have you ever had a blow job with a stocking covered cock? Oh, then you’re in for a treat.

I love stocking tease phone sex.  I love describing every detail, hearing a gasp, a groan. It’s sooo sexy!

Shall I go on?  Nah, just call me for more stocking sex phone sex. 🙂

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Cougar Phone Sex

sexy mom, hot cougar mom, hot milfI went to my son’s school today for a parent teacher conference.  Surprise for me!  The new teacher is young and hot!  It really made this cougar mom horny for some cougar phone sex.

I came home and slipped out of my dress.  I was so glad I wore sexy lingerie underneath.  It makes me feel so sexy.  I lay on my bed and got my phone.  Mmm I even slip the receiver inside my panties and stroked my wet pussy with it during a cougar phone sex session.

It was too hot. Maybe not so good for the phone. *giggles*

I pinched my nipples through the silky fabric of my bra and told him what a hot cougar mom I was and how much I wanted my son’s teacher to bend me over his desk and suck my pussy right through my wet panties. Oh, so hot!

I pinched my clit while I told him how I loved to be told what a hot cougar mom I was as I sucked cock.  I also like that during cougar phone sex.  I’ll slide those fingers into my hot milf pussy while you call me a filthy slut. Makes me cum every time!

This particular college boy said he’d always been attracted to sexy older women but had never had cougar phone sex before.  He’s addicted to cougar phone sex now.

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Hot Moms Phone Sex

hot-momsDo you find yourself looking at older women and thinking how much you would love to get them in the sack for some hot mom sex?

If I were to ask you what hot mom you found to be the sexiest, which would you tell me? My best friends mom, the hot MILF next door, or do just all sexy moms arouse you?

I love to hear your sex stories about you first encounter with mature sex and why you never forgot it. Or the first time you saw mommy, your aunt or a mature woman naked and how you couldn’t stop having hardcore sex fantasies about it.

Want to roleplay all your kinky sex fantasies about hot moms? Just call this phone sex mommy and maybe I’ll share some of my own sex stories with you!

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Cougar MILF Phone Sex

cougar-milfsI didn’t really set out to be a phone sex cougar, but it just seemed to happen that way. My step-son’s college friends are always coming over and hanging out at our house. I see how they look at me and once I even heard one of them talking on the phone to someone about his friends hot mom. Lol

I know I shouldn’t tease them, but it excites me knowing they think I’m a hot MILF. Sometimes I deliberately brush up against one of them with my natural breasts, or forget to shut my bedroom door when I change so they catch a glimpse of me in my bra and panties. Maybe I secretly wish they would come in and let me have my way with them, and then let them tell all their friends they were seduced by a cougar.

I guess I’m turning into one of those cougar moms whose pussy gets wet at the thought of a nice young hard cock. Just imagining having sex with one of my son’s friends is so exciting – and so taboo! What would my son think if he knew his mom was one of those cougars in heat that he and his friends are always fantasizing about.

Have you ever fantasized about fucking your best friends mom or the mom next door? Call me for hot cougar MILF phone sex to play out those sexy older woman fantasies.

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Mature Phone Sex

sexy-older-womanIf you are looking for mature sex with a phone sex mommy, then come give me a try.

When I run into friends I haven’t seen in awhile, they all want to know how I’ve been doing since the divorce. I’m still a sexy older lady. What they really should be asking is who I’ve been doing since the divorce!

Wouldn’t they be shocked to hear that this sexy older woman has been fucking the pool boy on Wednesdays, the lawn boy on Saturdays, and that I leave the rest of the week open for whatever, or should I say ‘whomever’, comes up. 😉

And what is so funny is the hushed tone of voice they use when they ask me; like someone died or something. I’ve never felt more alive! I swear I feel like one of those sexy mature women that younger men love to fuck. A sexy MILF; that’s it!

All I know is that I’ve never been hornier or wanted dirty sex more than I do now. Like being a teenager all over again, but with the experience that I only wish I had back then. I really enjoy being a horny milf on the prowl!

Call me for some mature phone sex, and I’ll tell you all my milf sex stories that I didn’t tell my friends. 😉

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Busty Milf Phone Sex


When I pass a young man in the mall and he turns to stare, I just go weak in the knees. And of course I make sure they turn to stare at this blonde milf by dressing slutty!

I love to wear a pair of tight fitting jeans and revealing top, showing off my hot ass and nice milf tits. Or sometimes I’ll sport a short skirt and heels. Guys of all ages love to see a woman’s hot legs and feet in high heels. Just a cougar MILF on the prowl! Lol

I don’t know what it is about a hard young cock that I just can’t resist. I just love the thought of being the busty milf that younger men just want to fuck.

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Fucking Daughter’s Boyfriend

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Am I a bad mommy because I slept with my daughter’s boyfriend?  I bet he would have a different opinion.  Can I help it if I’m a hot milf who can still attract the young studs?  I told her he was too hot for her, that she would never keep him, and then I proved it. giggle

He’d been eyeing me for a while.  Big tits round asses, that’s what they like. 😉

His body was so luscious and hard it made this busty redhead want to conquer him and feed him my juicy pussy.

You’ll enjoy my MILF pussy as much as he did. 😉


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