Stocking Tease Phone Sex – Hot MILF In Stockings

stocking sex, stocking tease, black nylonsI know you love stocking sex phone sex. The thought of MILFS in stockings just makes you horny. Mmmm perfectly understandable. So today I have a little stocking tease phone sex for you. I just had a hot stocking tease phone sex call and I want more.

I want you on your knees, between my nylon covered legs, looking at my wet juicy cunt.  You want it? In time, but first the tease.

Lick my shoe.  Make me ache for the delights your tongue will give my pussy. Kiss, lick, slide it off my stockinged toes, then suck them.  Slide your hands up my milky thigh to the top of my stockings.  Slip your fingers under the lace and caress. Watch my pussy spasm a little.

Fingering my pussy just enough to wet my lips with pussy juice, I slide that stocking slowly off and wrap it around you neck, pulling you forward, slipping my tongue in your mouth.  Taste me.

Don’t you love the way the cool nylon feels against your throbbing hard cock? Watching as I slip it over your rock hard dick.  Have you ever had a blow job with a stocking covered cock? Oh, then you’re in for a treat.

I love stocking tease phone sex.  I love describing every detail, hearing a gasp, a groan. It’s sooo sexy!

Shall I go on?  Nah, just call me for more stocking sex phone sex. 🙂

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